1. Security Bond:

To confirm a booking with Club on Wheels, a security bond payment is required. The bond amount is variable, contingent upon the selected bus type. Upon the trip’s conclusion, the bond is refundable, provided the bus is returned in a clean and undamaged state. Please note that refund processing may take up to 2-7 business days, subject to the bank’s policies. 

2. Payment Methods:

Club on Wheels offers diverse payment avenues:  

  • Cash payments to the driver upon pick-up,
  • Internet banking or bank deposit, necessitating completion 4 days before the scheduled trip,
  • Invoice payments, accommodating Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.

3. Booking Fee:

A nominal 3% booking fee is applicable to transactions conducted online or via invoice. 

4. Confirmation:

Upon receipt of the security bond or full payment, Club on Wheels promptly issues a confirmation email with the remittance details. Kindly review this correspondence thoroughly and promptly notify us at 02 8776 6812 in case of any discrepancies, facilitating immediate rectification. 

5. Correspondence:

All communications exchanged via email or text message between the client and our team are deemed legally binding contracts. 

6. Personal Information:

Information furnished by customers through our online booking system is securely stored within the XERO invoicing database. 

7. Booking Errors:

Club on Wheels absolves itself of responsibility for errors arising from the online booking process. It is imperative that all provided information is accurate before proceeding with payment. 

8. Cancellation Policy:

The security/bond payment is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled trip will incur a 50% charge of the full payment. 

9. Text Message Notification:

Should a confirmation text message containing driver details fail to be received on the day preceding the booking, please promptly reach out to us before 8 pm at 02 8776 6812

10. Late Arrival:

Passengers are required to be ready 15-30 minutes before the designated pick-up time. Failure to comply may result in the driver being unable to wait, leading to a forfeiture of refund.

11. Bus Breakdown:

In the unlikely event of a bus breakdown, Club on Wheels commits to dispatching a replacement bus within 2-4 hours. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent this, a refund for the trip will be provided, exclusive of additional costs incurred. 

12. Unforeseeable Circumstances:

Club on Wheels disclaims liability for compensating delays, cancellations, or missed services attributable to events beyond our control, such as accidents, inclement weather, or industrial actions. 

13. Traffic Delays:

While we strive to ensure punctuality, Club on Wheels cannot be held responsible for delays arising from accidents, roadworks, or peak-hour traffic. Passengers are advised to factor in extra travel time accordingly.

14. Smoking:

In compliance with state regulations, smoking is strictly prohibited aboard all Club on Wheels buses. Non-compliance will result in immediate removal from the premises without recourse to a refund. 

15. Beverages:

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted onboard provided it is legal and done so responsibly. Passengers must be aged 18 or over with valid identification. For safety reasons, glassware is strictly prohibited. 

16. Food:

For hygiene and cleanliness purposes, the consumption of food or snacks onboard Club on Wheels buses is strictly prohibited. Any such items brought aboard will be promptly removed at the driver’s discretion. 

17. Safety:

While Club on Wheels endeavors to maintain high safety standards, passengers acknowledge and accept inherent risks associated with travel. Seatbelt usage is mandatory throughout the journey. 

18. Damage Excess Fee:

Passengers are liable for any damages caused to the bus during the trip. A damage excess fee ranging from $300.00 to $1000.00 may be applicable, depending on the extent of damage incurred. The bus is expected to be left clean and tidy post-journey. 

19. Fighting and Vandalism:

Any instances of disruptive behavior, physical altercations, vandalism, or excessive intoxication will result in immediate termination of the trip with no entitlement to a refund. 

20. Property:

Passengers are responsible for the safekeeping of their belongings. Club on Wheels accepts no liability for lost or stolen items. Any recovered items will be held at our depot for collection; postage services are not available. 

21. Photos and Videos:

By boarding our buses, passengers grant consent for Club on Wheels to capture photos or videos for promotional purposes. Should passengers wish to opt out, they must inform the driver accordingly. In cases involving law enforcement, such media may be shared as evidentiary material.